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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Expand. Enhance. Elevate

The Unconventional School of Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Yoga School, founded by Colette Marie and dedicated to personalized and individualized Yoga Teacher Training, subscribing to the ancient means of sharing knowledge and wisdom of Yoga through both the Oral and Written Traditions from Teacher (Colette Marie) to Student (You), in an One-on-One format of learning. The Unconventional School of Yoga offers Classical Yoga Teacher Training, which is a very unique path, allowing one to intimately connect with many Yogic Concepts such as Yoga Philosophy, Psychology, History, Precepts, Systems of Practice and more. Through a One-on-One learning model, each individual will gain a special brand of insight not typically accessed in a large group setting. The individual attention to details, nuances, and subtle aspects of Yoga Education will be fully absorbed and internalized which will boldly and profoundly enhance one's overall understanding of what Yoga actually is in real time and how this ancient practice has evolved over the course of over 5,000 years. In conclusion, the experience of an individual yoga teacher training will be unlike any other yoga education out there. And it is my great pleasure to be your Mentor, Collaborator, Guide and Co-Creator with you on your personal, professional and experiential journey.

Please note:

Each meeting will be conducted via Zoom. A zoom invitation will be emailed to add to your calendar. 


    •    Asana + Pranayama

    •    Yoga Philosophy + The Sutras

    •    Anatomy + Physiology

    •    Methodology + Technique 

    •    Principles of Teaching

    •    Practice Teaching

    •    Eastern Modalities

    •    The Business of Yoga


    •    12 Intensive sessions (6 Month Program)

    •    180 contact classroom hours

    •     20 non-contact hours


•    Dates may be arranged together according to what fits our collective schedule.

*A certificate will be mailed once the program is complete and all monies are paid in full.


•    A time schedule may be arranged together according to what fits our collective schedule.


    •    $1,900 Tuition In Full + $300 Deposit ($2,200 total up front cost)

    •    $360 monthly auto-debit ($2,200 split over 6 months)

    •    $300 Non-refundable Deposit to reserve a space (Space is Limited) 

Please Note: Tuition includes the Yoga Training Manual. All other books must be ordered separately and a list will be provided once an application and deposit have been submitted.